Discover WINBACK compression

WINBACK is expanding its innovative technologies by launching a revolutionary NEW Active Pressotherapy system.

Active compression 4-in-1

The G-MOVE SUIT is a revolution in the field of active compression,  it allows 4 modes in a single product: It can be used as a conventional pressotherapy system on the couch, G-MOVE SUIT delivers active recovery, muscle building and increased performance inspired by the KAATSU method.

What is it?

Active compression is a treatment method that activates both the venous (stimulates blood exchange) and lymphatic (reflux stimulation) systems during movement. It is particularly effective for patients with circulatory challenges. Active compression helps to reduce oedema and swelling, but also the feeling tired and heavy legs. In addition, this method has the benefit of having limited contraindications.

Examples of indications:

Why use compression ?

Pain relief

Tired & Heavy legs

Improved cardio and muscular performance

Accelerated Rehabilitation

Discover the GMOVE-SUIT

A new approach to compression : with GMOVE-SUIT, pressotherapy becomes mobile and blends effectively with your sports and daily activities.



The GMOVE-SUIT design is directly inspired by the G-SUIT worn by high-acceleration (G) aviators and astronauts to avoid loss of consciousness.

GMOVE technology

The GMOVE-SUIT is a revolution in the field of active compression, allowing 4 uses in a single product.


GMOVE-SUIT and strokes

GMOVE-SUIT offers assistance to people with disorders affecting the proprioceptive system by acting as a dynamic orthosis. Stroke can have physical consequences such as motor

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