G Move Suit

What are the benefits ?

Active compression HAS LONG BEEN recognized AS A technique that allows you to quickly regain the full potential of your physical abilities while increasing the pace of training. Beyond this approach, the active compression delivered by the G-MOVE SUIT is also effective following acute injuries.
It reduces the pain through the reduction of joint swelling and stimulates the recovery through the supply of blood to the injured site.
Given its draining virtues, this method of reeducation is recommended to help care with a complete program (venous ulcers, multiple sclerosis, myopathies, arteritis, mastectomies, lymphedema, …). It drains muscles and improves the recovery with the aim of acting on fat cells.

Pressotherapy allows you to work both superficially and at depth, depending on the different pressures used.

It is most often used for:

Recovery and relief: 

Pressotherapy improves exchanges and eliminates toxins, allowing a better recovery, whether in the post-operative phase (decrease of oedema) or after an effort (relaxing effect).

It is also very useful after childbirth during the postpartum period (firming of damaged tissues).

Heavy legs: 

This evolutionary pathology, which can have many causes, is the result of venous insufficiency. It affects almost a third of the population, and more than half of women complain of this disorder. Pressotherapy stimulates venous return but also the lymphatic system.

Improved performance:

Elite athletes can also use it to improve their fitness.

It is the ideal adjunct to tone muscles and joints, but it also relaxes muscles, reduces muscle fatigue and prevents pain and cramps.



Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (commonly known as EDS) is a genetic disease that is said to be rare, but which according to studies affects 1 million people in France. This pathology manifests itself in quite different ways depending on the patient. Physiotherapists are confronted with these pain patients. Their pain remains highly fluctuating but is above all very disabling in terms of quality of life. We proposed the national French association SED1+ to use our protocols to test GMOVE-SUIT, and to measure the direct effects based on Killy’s test

The SED results were as follows:

According to the statements collected from the people concerned and their colleagues, their quality of life has considerably improved. The respondents stated that they have much less pain daily, and the sessions at their physiotherapist’s were improved. The effects on EDS patients are very surprising during the sessions as mobility will be increased as well as the continuity of the effects without GMOVE-SUIT during the 48 hours after the session.

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