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GMOVE-SUIT a wellness equipment

The GMOVE-SUIT equipment consists of an air compression device, leg sleeves and a belt that is easily attached around your legs. Weighing less than a kilogram, the active compression tool can be used easily, anywhere. Indeed, its small size and light weight make it portable. GMOVE-SUIT accompanies its users daily and can be used for wellness purposes in several ways.

Helping with the antioxidant effect

GMOVE-SUIT supports the antioxidant effect if a healthy diet is followed. An antioxidant prevents oxidative stress by neutralising free radicals. Free radicals are cells that react aggressively with oxygen. Compression stimulates venous return, which reoxygenates the blood and removes toxins. The antioxidant effect is therefore optimised to accelerate the outflow through exhalation.

Active and passive muscle recovery

The GMOVE-SUIT is an active compression device. By definition, it is therefore used actively, which is very useful for muscle recovery. Indeed, active compression allows as much or even better than passive compression thanks to the optimisation of the evacuation of toxins. This is why we recommend using it aerobically or at home when you are active. It is widely used by sportsmen and women to optimise their recovery time while engaging in another activity.

However, it can also be used passively to relax and recover.

Oedema/pain relief

Since active compression optimises venous return, GMOVE-SUIT can be a solution to relieve oedema and pain due to the formation of blood or water pockets. With joints always free when wearing the equipment, if the swelling is around these areas compression will help to remove the excess more quickly. This technique is used by physiotherapists using our equipment to get back to walking more quickly.

Helps patients with psychomotor disorders

With GMOVE-SUIT, we also help patients with psychomotor disorders. These are pathologies that are related to proprioception and the loss of certain neurological abilities. Today, these patients are our biggest users, and GMOVE-SUIT accompanies them in their daily lives: housework, shopping, lowering their blood pressure or going for a walk, the device helps them to regain a certain quality of life, to be more active and to get out of the spiral of deconditioning. GMOVE-SUIT also accompanies these patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, SED, Parkinson’s disease or post-stroke during rehabilitation sessions. Here again, the device finds its place thanks to the possibility of applying compression while being mobile during the exercises.

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