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The spiral of physical deconditioning

It has been seen in recent months that the GMOVE-SUIT is more than just a piece of equipment for physiotherapists and athletes. The technology goes further by offering benefits to patients with psychomotor disorders. Pathologies such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, multiple sclerosis, post-stroke or Parkinson’s disease are all different, however, one point unites them in terms of side effects: deconditioning during exercise.

What is the spiral of physical deconditioning?

Exercise deconditioning is a negative spiral which, in the long term, will degrade the health of patients until they reach a point of no return. These patients are often affected by chronic pathologies as mentioned in the introduction.

Over time, these pathologies lead to complications due to their evolution, and to side effects such as withdrawal and fatigue. This will induce an involuntary decrease in physical activity. The resting reflexes will lead to bad habits and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle for the patients.

By decreasing their activities, patients will create muscular deconditioning which will reduce their physical capacities and create metabolic disorders. Realising a certain loss of autonomy, anxiety and minor depression will set in and intensify the deterioration of the patients’ health.

The consequences on the quality of life will be important, and a loss of self-confidence linked to the inability to move will aggravate the situation.

Solutions to the spiral of physical deconditioning:

In order to counteract this negative spiral effect, patients must undergo appropriate rehabilitation to avoid this breaking point. Being accompanied by specialists in order to follow the progress is optimal.

The patient should try to get out of this spiral by doing aerobic exercise if the medical opinion is favourable. “Soft activities” will allow the patient’s confidence and mobility to be restored little by little. In the long term, these efforts will have benefits on the patient’s physical abilities and psychological health.

This is where GMOVE-SUIT can also have an impact. Indeed, it is used by physiotherapists and athletes. However, its use is well known for patients with psychomotor disorders to improve rehabilitation sessions and quality of life. We have found with post-stroke patients, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease to have very positive benefits using the GMOVE-SUIT.

We can take the example of Riona Kelly, the SED+1 association, Michèle Landais or Andrew Ellis, who are all very happy to be able to use it on a daily basis. GMOVE-SUIT allows them to improve their quality of life, by limiting certain harmful effects during use.

What to remember:

The spiral of physical deconditioning is a very harmful side effect which affects the people that have chronic pathologies. The consequences are physical, with a decrease in autonomy, but also psychological because of fatigue and withdrawal.

GMOVE-SUIT helps to break this spiral of physical deconditioning by helping patients to regain certain physical and motor capacities. By wearing the active compression equipment, our patients regain a certain degree of independence and a more pleasant quality of life.

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