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Solidarity movement for people with EDS

It has been several months now since we met the SED1+ association, with whom we are now collaborating. The aim of this association is to test and offer GMOVE-SUIT to people suffering from Elhers-Danlos Syndrome. Through the publications of our users on social networks, our equipment sees its notoriety growing.

An important mobility boost for Erine and young people affected by the EDS

Living near Nantes (France), Erine, a 17-year-old high school student, has EDS. She has dropped out of school due to the difficulties that this pathology causes in her daily life. Orthotics and other equipment were no longer sufficient for Erine to continue her studies. The girl’s relatives, with the support of Michèle Landais and the participation of SED1+, have set up actions. They opened a fund to help pay a GMOVE-SUIT.

A huge wave of solidarity was created around Erine in order to help her to live more “comfortably”. Whether private donors, teachers, business leaders, … many people have been touched by the situation of the young Erine. Today they want to help her to believe in a more “comfortable” life.

As a result of this enthusiasm, the fund has exceeded all expectations by surpassing the targeted amount. As a result, the excess amount will allow SED1+ to finance other GMOVE-SUITs that will be distributed to young people between the ages of 18 and 25. This mobilization even goes so far that an event is created: an official GMOVE-SUIT handover ceremony for the SED1+ and Erine association is scheduled for February 11th.

The message we want to send across

If the GMOVE-SUIT is a way to support people suffering from neurological and/or connective tissue disorders, it is thanks to the users that we are so successful. When we talk about GMOVE-SUIT, it is not only a piece of equipment but also a state of mind. It is a message of hope for all the brave people who do not want to give up and who believe in themselves. Success, courage and determination are surely the terms that best define users. We want to encourage them to live ‘more comfortably’ and to share this state of mind.

More information on SED 1+ :

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