Homme faisant de l'exercice, une femme faisant un étirement et qui se repose (tous en GMOVE-SUIT)

How do I use the GMOVE-SUIT at home?

The GMOVE-SUIT active compression allows different uses: recovery, muscular re-education but also improvement of physical performance. Thanks to the compression system, there is also the reduction of oedemas, water retention as well as the feeling of heavy legs. Do you have this equipment at home and are you looking for one of these effects? Here are a few tips.

Muscle recovery

After a long day or following a physical effort, the GMOVE-SUIT is a great ally for your recovery thanks to its 0G and 2G programs.

The 0G mode can be used both lying down and sitting down, but if you wish to optimise your session we advise you to use the equipment while being mobile, for example by walking. Why is this? Walking activates your venous return naturally, and this is improved by the use of the GMOVE-SUIT.

Exercises to improve your venous return :

– Contraction of the calves while standing on tiptoes
– Walk
– Stretching

For 2G, we call this “deslagging” or active recovery, thanks to a different rhythm from 0G. It is more likely to be used during a low intensity cycling or running session. It is the method when you are doing a workout and want to recover as quickly as possible.

Both programs are performed with a pressure of about 90 mmHg, depending on how you feel and the muscle mass of your lower limbs.

Edema and painful legs

By remaining motionless, venous return does not function optimally and your body cannot eliminate accumulated waste. Conversely, if you have been walking all day, your legs are “hard” and painful: you need to relieve them. This is when the GMOVE-SUIT comes in, which will massage your legs thanks to the air chamber inflation system at the rate of 0G. This rhythm will facilitate the relaxation of the muscles to relieve pain and help evacuate toxins and the accumulation of water or blood.

Practical at home :

– Contraction of the calves
– Stretching

Performance Improvement

The GMOVE-SUIT allows you to intensify your sports sessions at home thanks to the 4G programme. The total compression of the lower limbs around 120 mmHg will attenuate the arrival of blood and recruit a maximum of fibres for an intense and efficient workout.

Depending on the exercises, you can work your strength or your cardio :

– Lunges
– Squats
– Leg elevation
– Bicycle
– Sprint

Find videos of examples on our Instagram or on Facebook.

Multiple Sclerosis

After our latest tests, we see a positive influence of GMOVE-SUIT on patients with multiple sclerosis. It has proven to be a significant help in everyday life to accompany you in your daily tasks.

During its use, the calibration phase allows you to feel no pain during the compression of the 4G programme (around 80 mmHg).

You can train, with or without the active compression device, with gentle movements and breathing exercises.

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