EDS: GMOVE-SUIT active compression as a solution?

The term Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) refers to a heterogeneous group of hereditary connective tissue diseases that includes several clinical forms. The international consortium lists 13 types of EDS, determined according to the type of genetic modifications found and the genes affected.

What is EDS ?

The classic EDS is an autosomal dominant autosomal hereditary connective tissue collagen dysplasia (elastorrhexia), appearing in neonatal or childhood, and characterized by a symptomatic triad associating in various ways hyperelasticity and fragility of the skin (cutis laxa), joint ligament hyperlaxity and fragility of the entire connective tissue which can affect all the organs, in particular the cardiovascular system and the eye. Each of the EDS subtypes has specific features, but there are characteristics common to all EDSs such as joint hypermobility, tissue fragility, chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

Having EDS means never knowing what tomorrow holds. Will I have strength, will I be able to walk or will I have to clench my teeth? GMOVE-SUIT might be the answer. Studies are underway, but the trend on the patient side is very positive: people with the syndrome who have tested GMOVE-SUIT have seen their lives take a new turn.

Patients are won over

Elisa 19 years old could no longer do sports, neither raise her legs, nor bend down as she does on this video, nor do the exercises of her physiotherapist that she shows us live. Elisa had overnight difficulties walking because of the EDS. She started having to use a wheelchair 2 years ago, but since the GMOVE-SUIT came into her life, she is finally living again. “Today the chair is a thing of the past,” she says.

It had been 4 years since Nathalie, who had been affected by the SED, could no longer walk. She lives non-stop in a wheelchair but GMOVE-SUIT seems to be on the way to radically changing her life! If studies are currently underway, these promising tests let us imagine a real effectiveness of GMOVE-SUIT on this type of pathologies.

One cannot imagine that Michèle Landais is a person with reduced mobility and on crutches on unstable floors while watching this video. She hardly danced any more because of subluxations but also because of discomfort (drop in blood pressure) and the backlash the next day or the same day… During this test with GMOVE-SUIT, no subluxations, which has not happened since the triggering of her SED.

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