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Why are we talking about G?

In the last few months we have been introducing the GMOVE-SUIT active compression and its programs that offer several solutions for muscle recovery, rehabilitation and improvement. As you can see at the end of each program (OG, 2G, 4G), we find the letter G. This represents “gravity”. But what is the link between the G-SUIT and gravity?


As its name suggests, the design of GMOVE-SUIT is directly inspired by the G-SUIT combination. It is worn by aviators and astronauts subjected to a high acceleration force (G) in order to avoid unconsciousness. The G-SUIT suit was designed during the Second World War and improved by the team of Dr. EARL H WOOD of the Mayo Clinic. It was on this occasion that they developed the first G-SUIT by “air compression”, called GPS (Gradient Pressure Suit) and AOS (Arterial Occlusion Suit).


Compression of the lower limbs prevents blood from concentrating on the lower part of the body due to gravity and allows the brain to be properly irrigated by the bloodstream. During phases when the gravitational force (called G) is high, the brain is deprived of blood, resulting in blurred vision or even loss of consciousness. The compression of the lower limbs by the G-SUIT combination helps to avoid this phenomenon.

The sensations

Therefore the G is for the GMOVE-SUIT a measurement in order to understand the function of each program. The higher the number, the more the sensation of intensity during the effort increases. Pressure also has an important impact when choosing a program. It is around 90 mmHg for recovery and 120 mmHg for performance.

0G is used for active or passive recovery. It gives the impression of being out of gravity, with a feeling of lightness in the legs. This feeling is obtained thanks to the influence on venous return.

2G is indicated for dynamic exercises of low intensity. The exercise will then be easier thanks to a better stabilization and a reduction of the feeling of tiredness by the draining action. Sportsmen and women can use it for “clearing” between two competitions or training sessions, in order to regain light and rested legs.

4G, on the other hand, is a program designed to put the user in conditions of intense effort, creating a feeling similar to the gravitational effects during strong acceleration. This principle is inspired by the KAATSU method, which aims to minimize the arrival of blood in the tissues and to load up to 40% of his heavier repetition. This intense effort will create a greater stimulation of muscle fibers and aims to improve strength.


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