La constitution de tout l'équipement GMOVE-SUIT

Active compression by WINBACK

Intermittent pneumatic pressure therapy has been around for many years and we all know the health benefits ofit. GMOVE-SUIT, an active compression device, has the same beneficial effects. Let’s review this principle.

The principle of active compression

Active compression coupled with physical activity accelerates the activation of the lymphatic and venous systems (stimulation of blood flow).

It is used to treat circulatory disorders thanks to a sleeve that inflates and deflates automatically. Through its virtues, active compression promotes the resorption of oedemas and reduces feelings of tiredness and heavy legs.

Its action consists in a movement of compression and decompression at a given rhythm and a regulated pressure. The point is to use it in movement in order to support the venous return thanks to the contraction of the sural triceps.

The aim is to assist patients or sportsmen and women for their muscular needs, in re-education, in their recovery phase or for muscular strengthening.

For people suffering from disorders which affect the proprioceptive system, initial results have been observed in terms of proprioception, posture and dynamic balance through the compression of skin receptors. The pathologies encountered are Ehlers Danlos syndrome, multiple sclerosis, strokes and Parkinson’s disease.

Movement support

GMOVE-SUIT supports the natural system of the human body to help venous return through the contractions of the sural triceps when we move on foot. Walking and running are natural examples of calf contraction.

This contraction sends blood into the vascular network, on the slackening phase the hunting chamber fills up with the blood sent. In fact, the sural triceps has the role of a “second heart” allowing the evacuation of toxins and blood that are no longer oxygenated to the lungs. The GMOVE-SUIT supports the natural way of reoxygenation of the blood during the movements of the lower limbs.

Assessment of active compression

The aim of active compression and GMOVE-SUIT is to accompany the movements and promote venous return. Active compression is inspired by pressotherapy with additional benefits that can be seen by combining it with movement.

Indeed, the application of measured pressure on the limbs will generate a reduction in oedema, pain and heavy legs.

In movement, GMOVE-SUIT active compression can have an effect on :

– Pain relief
– Edema drainage
– Balance improvement
– Faster resumption of walking
– Proprioception
– Muscle strengthening
– Orthostatic disorders
– Reduction of subluxation

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