Femme qui s'étire avec la GMOVE-SUIT

0G program use

GMOVE-SUIT has three programs that aim to work on different issues. Allowing applications in several fields such as rehabilitation, sport, well-being and neurology, active compression is resourceful.

The main purpose of the OG mode is pain relief, oedema drainage and muscle recovery. This program offers an inflation and deflation rhythm, air chamber after air chamber, from the calf to the thigh with the knee free.

Heavy legs and oedemas

One of the GMOVE-SUIT principles is to accompany the venous return as the classic pressotherapy, while standing. This advantage makes it possible to use it in static during the first sessions with a physiotherapist following for example a sprain or a ACL. By having mobility, the knee is free and the affected areas (mainly knees and ankles) avoid being compressed.

Of course the great advantage is to remain mobile and use it while moving. This stimulates the venous return naturally thanks to the contractions of the calves, accompanied by the GMOVE-SUIT. Relax your legs with the 0G mode while continuing your daily tasks at home, at work, or outdoors.


For the athlete, recovery is essential and the 0G, as previously mentioned, accompanies the calf contractions to support the acceleration of venous return and the supply of oxygen to the blood. The athlete uses the GMOVE-SUIT in his routine for active recovery by integrating it into his daily routine to save time, whether in passive use during his travels or actively during “active recovery” sessions.

Things to remember

Use the GMOVE-SUIT with the 0G program while standing to relieve your heavy legs and continue your life without worrying about your pain. You save time and you will feel your legs become lighter.

Thanks to 0G and the freedom made possible by the GMOVE-SUIT, oedema is no longer a problem because the knee and ankle are not covered by the wraps. Of course, these sessions must be done in static if the blood clogging is too important.

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