GMOVE-SUIT utilizzato nelle gambe stanche e pesanti

Daily life sometimes causes discomfort or even pain depending on your lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle, constant stress and absence of movement are all a burden on our health. That’s why relief and prevention of heavy legs should be taken seriously into consideration.

Good news: a compression device such as GMOVE-SUIT is not only dedicated to muscular recovery or sport. Even as a wellness approach, especially to get rid of the feeling of tired and heavy legs the device is very effective.

Compression & heavy legs

Pressotherapy, also known as lymphatic drainage therapy or lymphatic drainage massage, stimulates your lymphatic system by compressing and decompressing a specific part of your body.

How? By alternating compressions and decompressions, it will activate the venous return and help pumping blood back up to the heart. This technique will do a natural drainage. Compression speeds up this process. And since this action is non-invasive, it doesn’t generate any side effects: it simply reproduces the massages performed by physiotherapists.

The goal? Eliminate toxins, fat and accumulated body waste. Since it doesn’t have a pump, naturally, our body needs time to eliminate all this surplus.

Support the natural drainage

Unlike conventional, static pressotherapy, GMOVE-SUIT allows you to be active and this is particularly suitable for dynamic people. No waste of time just continue your normal life style while treating the unpleasant effects of heavy legs.
With heavy legs, everyone tends to walk to relieve it. The logic is relentless: by contracting, the calves act like a natural pump which makes the blood go up and will therefore make it possible to get rid of toxis and excess liquids.

GMOVE-SUIT active compression is therefore essential in this context, especially to battle liquid retention. It will complete the natural system, to support the flow generated by the steps and make drainage even more effective! During and after your session, you will feel lighter legs and a relief of your pain.

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