GMOVE : programmi per tutti i profili

It’s a real revolution in the world of compression, GMOVE-SUIT provides a wide range of possible applications, as it does not block any joint, thus offering a natural movement without constraint.

Through its three preset programs, it adapts to very different approaches.

With mode 0 gravity, also known as REST, muscle recovery is completely reinvented. Of course, nothing prohibits the use in a passive way, as we would use a classic pressotherapy device. However, the aim with GMOVE-SUIT will be to speed up recovery by remaining active after a workout. In this mode, GMOVE-SUIT frees the legs from gravity. This will remove all the toxins accumulated in the legs without having to put aside the daily tasks of the user. He can walk, drive, take public transports while feeling light, but also do his stretching or warm down by getting more benefits from these exercises with the help of the GMOVE-SUIT.

The second mode, called 2G or ACTIVE, is made for exercises of active recovery or rehabilitation, done a moderate effort level (recommended at 50-60% of the physical capacity of the user). This program impacts the rehabilitation by facilitating effort, allowing the patient to move faster in his healing process. Active recovery is also accompanied by a slightly more intense feeling. The exercise is made more or less difficult depending on the pressure chosen.

The third and last mode, called 4G or BOOST, is part of a totally different approach. Here, it’s not about recovery or rehabilitation, but muscular reinforcement. In this function, directly inspired by the KAATSU method, GMOVE-SUIT does a strong compression (120 mmHg) in order to reduce the oxygen supply, in order to increase the muscular activity while using little load. In this way, the muscle fibers feel an intense effort and will work more deeply. That will have the virtue of improving their power.

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